Psst3! Tranquility

Back in 2008 I was asked to create a section for international collaborative project, Psst! Pass it On.
Was my excuse to create a homage to all things anime...and of course an Akira-esq dome explosion!
The following sections were created by the super talented Russ Murphy and the awesome HUSH.
Audio by Alejandro Ghersi
SFX by Jason Arber
Animatic created from the storyboard.
The original storyboard. Turned out similar, but some scenes had to be altered or new scenes added in as the project went on. The story chopped and changed quite a lot as people dropped out of the project. The original idea was to create a bit of enigma in which the following sections of the project would reveal the lead up to what happened to get to this point.
Japanese village created in After Effects, populated with a ton of buildings an content! I almost killed myself for a few seconds screentime.
Spent a lot of time researching for this project. For this shot I looked into the Kabukichō district of Tokyo, along with the more placid back streets of Kyoto to try and get the look and feel.
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